Modular system

User Defined Reporting

The User Defined Reporting (UDR) module allows the administrator to create specific reports. This is based on existing reports but also on a set of new UDR report templates for modules such as Service Desk, Reservations, Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc.

The UDR module gives an administrator the following options:

  • Define new reports for various user groups. In addition to content, labels, columns and filters can be defined as well.
  • Create variations of existing reports and make these new reports available for specific user groups.
  • Apply grouping (per day, month, quarter, location, discipline, etc) , create pivot tables and display graphs.
  • Smart default filters, for example the beginning of last month till the end of last month or beginning of the year until now. Filters can be configured as default (fixed) or left open for the report.
  • Automatically apply authorisation based on the existing 3D model. So for example, automatically only reservations within the catalogues + locations + departments that users are authorised for.

User Defined Reporting at Rijkswaterstaat


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