Usergroupday at MN

Published on 29 November 2018.

Last Thursday there was another FUN day of the Facilitor usergroup. This time the host was MN, one of the largest pension providers and asset managers for and for Dutch pension funds.


The theme was “ICT / IT Service Management and ITIL”. The collaboration between the ICT and Facility Management departments and the combination of an FMIS and ITSM solution in one, Facilitor!

Rob van der Jagt and Arjan van Riet from MN gave a presentation about ITIL and its implementation in FACILITOR. René Ermers, Services Leader of the Province of Noord-Brabant told us about his experience with the added value of IT and facilities in a single system.


After a delicious lunch, Arjen van ‘t Klooster gave a presentation about CSR within MN with a lot of passion.

Rob van der Jagt and Paul van den Bold of MN gave a demo / interface at lunchtime about how they used ITIL in FACILITOR, this was a lot of enthusiasm.

We look back on a successful day with many instructive moments and want to thank MN for their hospitality.

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