Developers visit RAI Amsterdam and Hogeschool Leiden

Published on 29 November 2018.

In order to gain more insight into how FACILITOR is being used in practice, we asked RAI Amsterdam and Hogeschool Leiden if our developers could come and see. They wanted to cooperate on this.

As a software developer at Facilitor, you are working daily to further develop and optimize FACILITOR. You work on extensions in the software that the customer asked for. However, it is often not entirely clear to the developer what exactly the customer will deliver or where the demand comes from. In order to gain more insight into the practice of FACILITOR, RAI Amsterdam and the Hogeschool Leiden wanted to receive our developers.

So the entire development team of Facilitor went to Amsterdam on Thursday 1 November in the morning. After a delicious cup of coffee Herman Nietvelt spoke and told about the daily activities within the RAI Amsterdam and what key role FACILITOR fulfills in this. Also the question of what improvements he would like to see in the software did not remain unanswered. But the nice thing about this setting is that the developers of Facilitor understand why the changes are important to him and what it brings them in carrying out the daily work.

After the tour at the RAI a visit to the Hogeschool Leiden was scheduled in the afternoon. After a delicious lunch, the developers were taken into the day-to-day management of Hogeschool Leiden and the role that FACILITOR fulfills here. Mainly the events in FACILITOR at Hogeschool Leiden were very impressive and the development wishes in this very understandable. These development wishes had already been added in Facilitor’s log center, but their necessity became very clear now.

All in all, we can look back on a fun and educational day where theory / technology and practice have touched each other.

We want to thank RAI Amsterdam and Hogeschool Leiden for their time and hospitality!

At the Highschool: Alex, Jos, Maykel, Erik, Dennis and Koen

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