National Military Museum

Branche: Professional Services

The construction of the museum is part of the redesign of the museums’ Museum of Defense. The museum was commissioned by the Central Government real estate and constructed according to a DBFMO contract with the Heijmans PPP consortium, which was signed on May 8, 2012 for a term of 25 years. The consortium is responsible for the construction, the layout of the exhibition and partial exploitation. On January 25, 2013 the construction of the NMM started officially; the first building operation was carried out by the Minister of Defense Hennis Plasschaert.

Heyday facility Management is responsible for facility management and uses FACILITOR for this. Services such as security, catering and cleaning are essential for the success of the museum.



What is DBFM or DBFMO?

Design Build Finance Maintain Operate (DBFM or DBFMO) is the most integrated variant of public-private partnership. The government and market parties work together through integrated, long-term contracts with terms ranging from 20 to 30 years. The aforementioned aspects of a project are outsourced to a consortium that has been specially created for the duration of the project. DBFM is used for infrastructure projects. Public housing projects usually involve DBFMO.  

DBFMO benefits

  • Every party does what he is good at. The government and the consortium together ensure the best possible task and risk distribution.
  • The market parties in the consortium can offer and implement solutions themselves. The expertise of the market is thus optimally used to arrive at innovative and faster solutions.
  • The government pays for the delivered services. The vigilance of the financiers provides an extra incentive to the market to realize and exploit the project as agreed in the contract.

DBFMO offers potentially more quality for less money in large projects and can therefore be an attractive way to shape the cooperation with the market. DBFMO is not an end in itself but an important tool for achieving added value. It is therefore important to make a business transparent trade-off for each project or whether there is added value.


  • Address: on the northern part of the former Soesterberg air base
  • Function: museum, workshops and depots
  • Users: Foundation for Defense Museums
  • Surface area: 45 hectares
  • Client: Ministry of Defense
  • Contractor: Heijmans PPP consortium
  • Contract: DBFMO contract, (partial) operating time of 25 years
  • Planning: opened on 11 December 2014  
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